TAP-IN is fitted with advanced high powered CRM functionality that will help you manage your sales and marketing with precision. Target potential leads and record all relevant facts and information about your potential customers. TAP-IN offers detailed graphical marketing reporting by leads, industry, trade, conversions per month and much more.

TAP-IN provides you with a database system that allows you to keep up to date information about customers requirements and needs. This will help improve and build a better business relationship with your current and potential customer base.


Getting to know me!

  • Record business details such as main contact, number of supervisors and public liability information.

  • Manage statuses for leads, active or expired employers. 

  • Quickly scan and auto attach documents directly into the employer profile using the QR code.  

X marks the spot!

  • Record multiple addresses or locations and link the contact people to the locations. 

  • View & store unlimited contact people and their availability.

  • Add general comments about the employer and their business.

  • Select prefered methods or contact or find out how they heard about your company.

Where and When!

  • Record cold calling and reverse marketing activities.

  • Add & view any marketing events done, due or overdue.

  • Streamline and focus your marketing efforts by forecasting future contact and notifications.

  • Send direct emails and SMS.

You're Hired!

  • Easy viewing of placements current and past.

  • Track reasons for suspension, cancellation, termination and resignation. 

  • Record  & track multiple placements if required or view the history of past placements.

Go paperless!

  • Scan your documents directly into the Employer using the QR code allocated in the profile screen or manually upload

  • Documents are stored within the selected record for viewing, emailing or printing

  • Email documents directly from the TAP-IN to a prospective Host Employer


  • Track and record how, where and when the injuries occured.

  • Monitor and record safety assessments.

  • Track movements of the claims lodged, paid and register of injury.

  • Record events specific to WorkCover and WHS with specific view permissions.

  • Generate customisable OHS checklists.

  • Obtain reports on how many injuries have occured against a specific Employer. 

Past, Present and Future!

  • Track and monitor enquiries and monitor potential and actual vacancy listings.

  • Easily view the clients that have applied, placed or rejected against the vacancy.

Show me the Money!

  • Track incentive payments and get when they are due to be claimed.

  • Record and monitor expense 

  • Export to your accounting package if required *additional costs may apply


​Generate individual reports from within the Employer record or customised reporting from the grids with the information your require.

TAP-IN provides easy to read well laid out list that are customisable with the ability to save your own reports for later use. Increase productivity and provide your management with centralised tools to improve performance.

TAP-IN provides very useful statistical marketing data that in a neatly represented charts and graphs. You are able to obtain the following information in these reports:

  • Enquiries per month

  • Enquiries per year

  • Trade sector enquiries

  • Conversion of enquires

  • Source of enquires

Explore TAP-IN

There are many more benefits to using TAP-IN, explore some of the features and functions available by clicking on an image below. Alternatively, you can Contact Us and one our consultants will be in touch to arrange a time to discuss your requirements and help you understand how TAP-IN can provide you with the edge you need.