TAP-IN has been designed to assist Group Training providers with their administration and provide a competitive pro-active marketing edge to enhance the level of service to your clients and employers.

We have worked hard alongside our industry partners and existing customers to build a robust and powerful application packed full of great easy to use features. These features offer your business the opportunity to improve performance, save time and money on staff and IT costs.

You can learn more about some of the features available in TAP-IN by clicking on the below images, but here's a quick summary of what TAP-IN can offer:

  • Web based accessible from any computer, tablet

  • Intuitive and interactive customisable dashboard with graphs

  • Realtime alerts and notifications

  • Interactive grids that allow you to generate and save your own customised reports and layouts

  • Personalise your profile view

  • Import and store important documents directly into a record 

  • Customised auto generated contact plans to monitor your client placements

  • Employer marketing with CRM capabilities and follow up contact plans

  • SMS and email your clients and employers directly 

  • Employer and Client login accessible view

  • Interface with your in-house Applications Website and Accounting packages

Explore TAP-IN

There are many more benefits to using TAP-IN, explore some of the features and functions available by clicking on an image below. Alternatively, you can Contact Us and one our consultants will be in touch to arrange a time to discuss your requirements and help you understand how TAP-IN can provide you with the edge you need.

TAP-IN to Group Training