• Free your valuable time from generating endless spreadsheets and graphs. Use one of our many tools available that will automatically generate reports/graphs at the click of a button.

  • The 'Powerful Prediction Engine' automatically identifies possible future claims as well as possible missed claims, allowing you to confidently manage your claim process. This process is facilitated by the 'business rules' built into JDE-MAX .

  • Generate purchase orders and record client expenses,


  • 'ALERTS' to help improve contract compliance and keep you on top of items otherwise missed in ESS.

  • Streamline your day-to-day workflow using inbuilt ‘business rules’ that utilises data from ESS daily to assist in keeping you contract compliant.

  • Quickly identify eligible claims across your whole organisation or by individual sites or by caseload.


  • Easily record file notes specific to a Jobseeker, Marketing, Reverse Marketing and Placements.

  • Monitor, print and generate reports about file notes entered.

  • Generate activity time sheets per consultant on how many attended and non-attended appointments in a timeframe.


  • Integrated marketing module allows you to capture all your marketing requirements. Record cold calling and reverse marketing activities.

  • Unique 'matching tool' offers you extensive capabilities to easily match jobseekers to jobs. Search by specific attributes or job types.

  • Track and record placed jobseeker hours worked, by setting customised contact tracking schedules that are automatically forecasted.

  • Generate reports of hours worked at the conclusion of the 4,12/13, 26 or 52 week period.

  • Generate an employment verification document for evidence to support your outcome claims.


  • Using 'Intelligrids' throughout the database you are able to create your 'own on the fly' dynamic reporting and graphing as required.

  • Quickly generate statistical reports and graphs when needed using only the columns and filtered information you need in your report.

  • Generate pre-defined Management reports, with the ability to create your own customised reporting and save for future use.

  • Cover all your bases from contractual obligations to claims and general monitoring, easily accessible with the click of a button.

  • Easily track your performance to assist you in improving your star ratings or internal KPI's.


  • Go paperless with the use of our ‘Document Management System', easily scan your documents directly into the database to be stored against the Jobseeker, Employer or Purchase Order. 

  • Generate emails directly from the database to send to Consultants, Jobseekers or Employers.

  • Generate mail merge letters and store a copy against the Jobseeker or Employer for evidence or reference.

  • Access ESS Web directly from within the JDE-MAX application making it easy when accessing from portable devices.

  • Capability to interface with Accounting Packages upon request.

  • Behind the scenes data logging for added additional security.

  • Customisation available on request.

  • Free Unlimited Phone, Email and online manuals via our website.

  • Onsite and Online Training availability.