Are you looking to provide managers and consultants with an accurate and reliable tool which will replace internal spreadsheets and local databases?

We have refined the functionality of JDE-MAX to make your day-to-day tasks easier. We understand the need to have flexibility in the software you use, not only in features, but also in cost. As your business changes, we will work with you to provide support to your business needs in order to suit your requirements.


Why purchase multiple databases when you can use one single application suite called JDE-MAX for all your contract needs. The JDE-MAX database is user friendly with a modern look and feel. New features and functions are added on a regular basis by means of Departmental interfaces or customer enhancements.

Many of our customers operate across multiple contracts, with some staff working across 2 or more programs such as marketing staff. Previously this meant that those organisations with multiple contracts maintain separate databases of employer and vacancy records. JDE-MAX now combines those databases together making it easy for marketing staff to access records from any contract with a hidden wall splitting the contracts by modules.

All contracts have a very heavy focuse on maintaining solid employer relationships and jobseeker contacts. This makes it even more critical to streamline processes and improve data retention. The quicker and easier you can get your hands on that latest information means that faster and more efficient your staff can perform.


Under strict new 3rd Party IT Provider guidelines, IT systems that use or interact with Department and/or Jobseeker information must be IRAP Assessed in line with Australian Security Management Manual.

KVI has executed a Third Party IT Provider Deed and have received the required IRAP Accreditation with The Department of Employment. We are pleased to continue offering our software to providers throughout Australia that are under contract with The Department of Employment or The Department of Social Services in jobactive, Disability Employment Services (DES), Transition to Work (TTW) and the Community Development Program (CDP).

This can be confirmed with The Department of Jobs & Small business by viewing  https://www.jobs.gov.au/it-security-compliance if required or by emailing the Digital Assurance team at SecurityComplianceSupport@jobs.gov.au