JDE-MAX for Disability Employment (DES)


One of the key components of any day to day task is to record information gathered during the day while conducting calls, interviews, marketing or generating emails. The JDE-MAX events feature allows recording of all communication for the day with extensive details and gives the ability to generate emails and SMS directly from the database. 

View historical data and future appointments in one central location for a client or customer. JDE-MAX offers a list of events for multiple records in an easy to read list that can be filtered, sorted and customised to your requirements. 


Record events specific to a Client, Employer, Vacancy or Placement.

  • Quick-n-Easy ‘minimal data entry’ of events and file notes.

  • Automatic forecasting of ‘regular’ future events with reminders of critical dates.

  • View multiple events at the same time in an easy to read view.

  • Dashboard alerts for when events are due or overdue.

  • Calendar view allows you to see what is on for a specific day quickly.

  • Generate event reports or graphs by placement, employer or client.

  • Send SMS reminders or emails and automatically record the details sent.

Improve your efficiency!

Use the Calendar to view your day to day events. View an easy to read list of your selected days events.


​Generate individual reports from within the Event or customised reporting from the grids with the information your require.

JDE-MAX provides easy to read well laid out list that are customisable with the ability to save your own reports for later use. Increase productivity and provide your management with centralised tools to improve performance.


See what is due or missed in a time period for your whole company or a specific consultant. This will help you manage your business efficiently by reducing the risk of missing important events. 

Explore JDE-MAX

There are many more benefits to using JDE-MAX, explore some of the features and functions available by clicking on an image below. Alternatively, you can Contact Us and one our consultants will be in touch to arrange a time to discuss your requirements and help you understand how JDE-MAX  can provide you with the edge you need.