JDE-MAX for Disability Employment (DES)


Informative client profiles with structured and useful details about your client are readily available. JDE-MAX's intuitive design make it really easy to use even for a novice user. All the information that is required for managing or monitoring a client such as placements and events are clearly identifiable by standardised visual cues throughout JDE-MAX. 

The system design has provisions that allow clients to log on to their own restricted profiles to view or update limited information. This feature is controlled by your organisation. To support this feature we have the Notifications to notify the consultant of any changes made by the client as additional security.



  • Upload a photograph and generate a QR code that can be used to identify your clients.

  • Quickly scan and auto attach documents directly into the client profile using the QR code.  

  • Easily view the client contact details and emergency contact information. 

Know your client!

  • View essential details information and characteristics of your client.

  • Set attributes such as driver's licence, medical history and indicate other important information that may be required.

  • You can later search on or match clients to vacancies.

Who, What, Where, When!

  • Schedule contact plans and get reminded of upcoming events.

  • View past events to read notes and add future events.

  • Send direct emails and SMS to clients for reminders of upcoming appointments.

You're Hired!

  • Easy entry and monitoring of placements

  • Record  & track multiple placements if required or view the history of past placements.

Go paperless!

  • Scan your documents directly into the client using the QR code allocated in the profile screen or manually upload

  • Documents are stored within the selected record for viewing, emailing or printing

  • Email resume documents directly from the JDE-MAX to a prospective Host Employer

Show me the Money!

  • Track payments and get when they are due to be claimed.

  • Record and monitor expense 

  • Export to your accounting package if required *additional costs may apply


​Generate individual reports from within the Client record or customised reporting from the grids with the information your require.

JDE-MAX provides easy to read well laid out list that are customisable with the ability to save your own reports for later use. Increase productivity and provide your management with centralised tools to improve performance.

Explore JDE-MAX

There are many more benefits to using JDE-MAX, explore some of the features and functions available by clicking on an image below. Alternatively, you can Contact Us and one our consultants will be in touch to arrange a time to discuss your requirements and help you understand how JDE-MAX  can provide you with the edge you need.